A overview for material safety datasheets and work place instruction

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Provide easy access to your MSDS's and a tool to administrate them.


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Primary functions

  • MSDS's distribution


    Give your MSDS's greater visibility and be assured easy distribution of documentation to your customers.
  • List of updated Material safety datasheets


    Through a link to CC Web, your customers will get access to an updated and manageable list of your MSDS's and technical product sheets.
  • Material safety datasheets in the system ChemiControl


    Spread the awareness of your products and make it easier for your customers to get access to your MSDS's, by making them available in the ChemiControl database.
  • QR codes to MSDS's

    QR Codes

    Customers will be able to print out labels with all statutory information - including current hazard labeling. The customer can choose to print out traditional labels or labels with QR codes, where the MSDS and technical product sheet will be available.
  • lav Arbejdspladsbrugsanvisninger


    With WPI print, you give your customers the tool to create WPI's on your products, through your own website. The customer can easily fill out their own local conditions while the relevant data, from the MSDS, is automatically transferred to the WPI.

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