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About ChemiControl

ChemiControl is an IT company with more than 10 years of experience with solving working environmental challenges. We can help you with everything from MSDS and risk valuation - To keeping you updated on the legislation on the subject.



ChemiControl for chemistry users

ChemiControl offers several tools that make it easy for chemistry users to comply with the current legislation on chemicals. Whether you want to handle the documentation yourselves or have a readymade solution, we have a product that fits your needs.

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Available products

  • Lov service

    CC Manager

    Systematize your chemicals. You are always assured the newest MSDS’s and a user-friendly tool to create WPI’s. Click to read more

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ChemiControl for suppliers

ChemiControl can help you as supplier with distributing your MSDS's to your customers. Through us you can provide your customers with extra services such as printing out labels, work place instructions and other documentation.

Available products

  • arbejdspladsbrugsanvisning og sikkerhedsdatablad som leverandør

    CC Web

    Provide easy access to your MSDS's and a tool to administrate them. Click to read more